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Restoring of historically important buildings is not an easy job. To start art historians, thru
painstaking archive investigations, have to determine to original aesthetics and lay-out. This is
necessary because in the course of time most buildings have been remodelled or extensions have
been added to be able to comply with the requirements of its users.

We note as well that in case more area is needed for its new use then available, these extensions
have to show a clear difference between old and new. Historic copies are no option.

Another difficult aspect of restoration which needs much attention is the repair of the old building
materials to their original condition. Due to the aging of the building many materials are damaged.
In most of the cases this is only caused by natural aging. However in the tropics and especially in
coastal regions many buildings have serious salt damage. This damage is caused because many of
the original building materials have a higher saltine content which under the influence of leakages
or capillary humidity crystallizes in salt flowers on the walls.

  Furthermore mildew damage is encountered caused in principle by airconditioning installations which have been added to buildings without taking into account the mildew point of the walls and roofs.
Also considerable damages to timberworks are common. Caused one the one hand by insects and
termites and on the other hand by water leakage.

With careful site investigation the damage causes are determined and the exact material
composition is established. With this information the correct repair methods can be prepared.

BKConsult, thru the years, by working closely with experts in the Monument field and laboratory
research has build up the expertise to correctly restore the historic buildings.