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Although we live in an era of mass-tourism, these words address only the quantity of people being able to enjoy a period of vacation. Today's vacationers all have their specific field of attention. Their are those who can take a holiday during one week per year only, while others can take several weeks in a row, while you also have a group who spread their vacation time over several shorter intervals during the year.

Europeans have much larger vacation periods, 4-6 weeks compared to most North-Americans with 1-2 weeks only. Many have a complete different vacation philosophy as well. Consequently the market needs to offer a large diversity in the type of vacation solutions.

Attracting customers to a hotel or resort requires as such an increasing sophistication and specialization in the range of services in both new and refurbished buildings and properties. Guest satisfaction can only be gained by reaching the absolute in pleasure entertainment.


Entrepreneurs search how to mix the tradition of the "belle-epoque" hotels of the past with high tech service
requirements of tomorrow. The investment however are considerable, so the utmost care must be taken to prevent
costly mistakes, not in the least because the owner and operator are in the business to earn a profit.

Hotels and resorts size varies from simple down to earth room and breakfast inns of a few rooms only to all
inclusive luxury mega resorts of over 2000 rooms. New rooms are tried out in all kinds of variations to
realize the ultimate dream; varying from fantasy resorts to theme resorts, while the largest resort are scaled
down to look like a village with a site adapted theme.

Hotels and Resorts realization has grown into a team effort where the organizational and marketing expertise
of the operator, the financial commitments of the owners are blended with the design and engineering capabilities
of the architects, interior and landscape designers, engineers and contractors to create a total living environment
giving each guest the sense of being pampered to an extend that is right for the occasion.